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What to Expect...

Simply stated, your child will receive solid, technical dance training rooted in the care and compassion of Christ's love at every class. Dance is a discipline and requires focus and attention to detail. However, dance training should also be fun! So don’t be surprised when you hear ripples of laughter coming from the studio.

Depending on the day, class may end with a few minutes of worship where students are encouraged to express themselves through improvisational dance and movement.

I believe in the importance of gentle hands-on training and correction during instruction. As movements are learned and practiced, students develop what is called “muscle memory.” It is imperative that dancers practice movements with the correct execution and technique so that their bodies “memorize” the feeling and action of performing the movement correctly. This is also necessary for the health and safety of dancers’ bodies and joints as they learn new steps. An example of a hands-on correction might be a light touch on the shoulders to remind a dancer to drop her shoulders away from her ears while balancing. If you have questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to ask!


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