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Each student will have the opportunity to perform in our annual recital, which will take place in the month of June. This is a time for students to not only share what they have been learning all season but also a time to glorify the Lord through dance.


You can expect a joyous celebration that we hope the audience will be both blessed and moved by. Music selections will always be family friendly and may include genres such as classical, clean mainstream, and Christian music.


As our school grows, we plan to branch out into our community, taking dance and Jesus into churches, parks, parking lots, and anywhere there are people willing to watch and receive the message of hope that we bring. We want our dancers to grow in their boldness and faith as they not only share Jesus through dance but also prayer and ministering to our audience members.

Recital 2022
Recital 2023


Costumes will be chosen with care by the instructors for each dance performance piece. These costumes will be modest and age-appropriate (and of course, cute!). Prices will vary depending on style and size of costumes, but we will always strive to keep the prices affordable.

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