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Kaitlyn Fabian
Founder & Director

Hello, friends! I am thrilled to welcome you to His Masterpiece Dance and share a bit of my personal story with you. 


I hope you will be encouraged in seeing how God so miraculously and meticulously weaves together each piece of our lives all according to His perfect plan. We truly are His own unique masterpieces!

I founded His Masterpiece Dance in 2021, but God planted the seed nearly 20 years ago…

My Story

Let's just jump right in! I asked Jesus into my heart at the age of 5, kneeling next to my bed with my mom. And though I didn't realize it right away, that moment of surrender set the course and trajectory for the rest of my life.


After beginning my formal dance training with Ruth Smrek Balestra at age ten, I quickly fell in love with the beauty and artistry of ballet. But my passion for dance grew even deeper after seeing a performance by Ballet Magnificat!, America’s premier Christian ballet company. I still remember leaning over to my mom in the dark theater with tears in my eyes and whispering, “That’s what I want to do!”


Talk about a defining life moment! Little did I know the journey that God would take me on en route to my destiny...


I continued my dance studies at Ruth's Dance & Fitness Co., LLC through high school, assisting with and teaching the younger students at the studio and choreographing dances to worship songs as often as I could. Not knowing for certain how God was going to use my love of dance, I decided to attend Youngstown State University where I studied under Christine Cobb and Richard Dickinson. It was there that God gave me both the name and idea for His Masterpiece Dance. In 2012, I graduated with the University’s first B.A. in Dance Management. I was honored to be that year’s recipient of the Kocinski Award, given to an outstanding student in the dance program, and was also chosen to be the undergraduate commencement speaker. Have I mentioned yet how good my God is? Because He most certainly is!


During my senior year of college, I was hired as a dance enrichment specialist in the newly formed Visual and Performing Arts Program at Chaney High School. For six years I taught students in grades 6-12 the foundational techniques of ballet, jazz, and modern dance. I also developed a curriculum that aligned with the Ohio Dance Standards and choreographed for over 24 performances. Watching my students grow in their technique, artistry, creativity, and confidence will forever be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


During this time, I was also promoted to Assistant Artistic Director at Ruth’s Dance and Fitness Co, LLC. Working alongside Ruth and with her amazing students fueled my passion for teaching and sharing my love of dance with the next generation. 


Then in 2018, I found myself fulfilling a lifelong dream to dance professionally. I spent one incredible year as an apprentice with the Dancing Wheels Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Working in a physically-integrated dance company was absolutely amazing! I learned so much about dancing with and teaching differently-abled movers. And I had the opportunity to perform in several different states and at Cleveland’s very own Playhouse Square. After that year, however, I felt God tugging on my heart to return home to Youngstown and completely surrender my dance to Him. And though I wasn’t certain how dance could possibly still be a part of my life, I trusted the One who called me.


In January of 2021, I felt another tug on my heart. This time, I knew what God was calling me to do. Though it seemed the seed He planted those many years ago had laid dormant in the soil of my heart, I believe God had been watering it and nurturing its growth all along. And now here I am today. Ready to take all that God has allowed me to experience over the years and offer it back as a sacrifice and love offering to Him. 


My heart is simply this: to train and equip movers of all ages so that they might experience the incredible blessing of worshiping God and ministering to others through the gift of dance.


We would love to hear from you. Let's connect!


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