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Monthly tuition is based on class length:

45 minute class:

Creative Movement 1 & 2

$47 per month

1 hour class:

Ballet 1 & 2, Jazz, Modern

$54 per month

1.5 hour class:

Ballet 3

$62 per month


*Tuition discounts are offered for taking multiple classes during the week or for multiple siblings from the same family:


1st class (longest class) = full price

2nd class (or child) = $10 discount on monthly rate

3rd class (or child) = $15 discount on monthly rate

4th class (or child) = $20 discount on monthly rate

“Monthly tuition” represents the cost of 4 classes, which will be paid in 9 monthly installments from September through May. Payment will be the same each month.

  • Full monthly tuition is due the first week of every month.

  • Payments received after the 15th of each month are considered late and will incur a $10 late fee charge.

  • Failure to submit full payment by the 15th will result in your child being unable to participate in classes until the balance is paid in full.


We currently accept cash, credit/debit card, or check made out to His Masterpiece Dance LLC.

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